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My Itinerary Accounted for Everything BUT the Weather-Day 2

Dang it.

Our first plans on Sunday were to visit the Empire State building.  It was drizzly and cloudy, but we charged on.  I had already pre purchased the EXPRESS tickets ( I highly recommend it). Except when we got there, the nice gentleman warned us that there was zero visibility.

ERIC:  Maybe we should come back another day.


Half way up the escalator… ERIC: Uh, are you sure? (It’s not something I like to admit…he’s often right in situations like this)

At the top…ME: OK, let’s do it another day. BUT WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?????

Shop you say?  Ok.

On the way to Times Square we stopped at a Fresh and Co or as Annie liked to call it COFRESH.  She’s got her own style. What can I say?  They had awesome quick food.  I had a vegan falafel and Annie devoured an omelette. She wanted to go every morning. I want to franchise one here. We may have gone 2 more times during the course of our trip.

Then we shopped and saw some Times Square sights.  Exciting things like the NASDAQ and NYPD cars.




Eric had the idea of getting a picture like this:IMG_5489


He was right again.  That’s what I love about him.  I don’t want flowers and serenades.  I want ideas for a good photo.

We had to scurry back to our room to unload the goods the girls had purchased with the money they had been saving.  They had just a little time to play. DSC_5341-1



And then we had to get ready for the 3:00 performance of WICKED!


It was, of course, fantastic! The girls loved it.  Eric and I had seen in it in San Francisco several years ago.  This performance blew that one out of the water!

After, we had dinner at a lovely mexican restaurant on the same block, but not before we walked a block in the other direction and realized we were going the wrong way…and it would be a shame to go a day without bsc, so we ordered our dinners-a caesar salad sans croutons and anchovies for Gracie. The sweet server came rushing back.  THERE’S SOY IN THE DRESSING.  I took that to assume she meant soy sauce.  So we spent 5 more minutes trying to find something Gracie could eat and settled on a white fish that Eric assured her she’d love.  The server said the soy was in the Worcestershire in the dressing.  Then the light bulb went on.  Worcestershire is generally gluten free.  All that fuss for nothing.

In the end, everyone loved their dinner.

We walked several. AND I MEAN SEVERAL blocks back to the hotel. In heels. I don’t recommend it.

After we got the girls to bed, we walked down to the hotel bar to grab a drink to take back to the room.  We ran in to Charles Barkley. He’s a big man.

It was a great day.


Oh Annie

I miss my old blog.  I think this would be a good story for BSC.  I think I need to start a weekly blog called “annie-isms” or something like that.

With the nicer days a longer light, the girls have been more inclined to be outside with friends on the week days we are home. It’s really very lovely, but it’s really interfering with getting anything done INSIDE the house  i.e., chores and homework.

So I instituted a new daily chart that outlines a week of checklists.  Things they absolutely have to do each day, depending on the day.  Then, I decided any time we have something extra to do, I am leaving them a note.  This takes out the growly “MOOOOOOOM” that I sometimes hear when I nag at them.

They came home to this note on monday:

IMG_5759Once they were both home, I asked them if they’d seen my note.

Annie: “What note? I couldn’t read it. The font was too small.”


The school talent show is tomorrow.  I hate the talent show. I’ve only taken the kids to see it one time.  I get so nervous and sweaty watching all those kids go up there on stage. I don’t want anyone to do poorly. I don’t want anyone to laugh if there’s a mistake.  IT FREAKS ME OUT.  Guess who decided she want to be in it?

Yes. Yes, she did.

And then she decided she didn’t want to be in it.  (me: silently whooping it up)

And then she decided she wanted to be back in it.

And the person organizing the show was kind enough to let her in.  (me: silently swearing under my breath)

The rehearsal was yesterday afternoon.  At 7 am yesterday morning, I hear a MOM, RANDOM QUESTION…DOES SHARPIE COME OFF OF YOUR SKIN?

That’s not ominous at all.  She had written the rhyming words of her little song all over her hand in a nice purple sharpie.


Ok, but next time can I help you.


Thanks Grandma.

This morning was the talent show assembly for the k-2nd graders where Annie got to “perform.” In my typical style, I sweat like a pig through the entire show, worrying about each student. Annie went on near to last.  Her voice cracked in the first verse, but she continued on and she ended up sounding pretty sweet.  It’s a very short (and sad) little old fashioned song about birds. She stood up there and sang it all by herself with no music or anything.

I admire her bravery.


Break It Down

There’s this song by Grouplove titled Shark Attack.  I love them and we’ve seen them in concert.  Super fun. The lead singer can seriously rock a leopard print unitard like no other… We listen to them a fair share.  One day we were driving in the car to go skiing, I think, and we heard Annie in the back singing “Bring me down, break it down in the HOT HOT HIZZY.

The actual words are HOT HOT DESERT.

We argued about this for what seemed like hours. Even when she listened to the chorus, she thought it was very funny to continue to insist that she was right.

She’s such a pill.

Last week we took a spring break trip to NY and this is where I found her the first morning.  Up and at em before anyone else.  Yes, I may have purchased special trip jammies just so they’d look cute in hotel pictures.  This effort was thwarted by 1) the fact that Gracie’s were lost for 3 days in offsite laundry and 2)WE WERE NEVER IN OUR ROOM.

We went non stop.  It was awesome!






The best thing I did was throw in this little point and shoot for her to use.  It kept her entertained on every adventure we set on. The dumbest thing I did was bring the wrong charger for it.  I won’t tell you how much we paid for a new one at the camera shop by our hotel. It was WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.

We got all settled into our hotel by 7:30 on saturday night and headed out to our first of many dinner reservations that accommodated our food issues.  Pizza and pasta at a place a few blocks from the hotel.  It was rather rainy and slightly windy.  I silently prayed that our whole trip would not be like that.

After dining, we strolled over to Times Square to show the girls.

IMG_5478They were overwhelmed and amazed.  We visited Swatch, The M and M’s Store and the Disney Store. Then we called it a night.