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Pho Sho

Our Annie has quite the palate.  Some might say she’s picky, but it’s not that she won’t eat a variety of different type of food.  She just likes flavor and really good food.  She has fallen in love with Pho and has declared on several occasions she’d eat it every day if she could.

I’ve been letting her get it so often that the owner now knows us.  She knows that a kids bowl is JUST NOT BIG enough for our girl. If it’s to take to lunch at school, it’s a medium and if we’re taking it home or eating in, a large.






We brought her some for lunch today.  She barely ate it.  A sure sign that she really ISN’T feeling well.

A Happy Mother’s day

It was very lovely.  In fact the entire weekend was lovely.  Everyone chipped in to do the household “stuff.” That in itself was a mother’s day gift.

Although I have learned that Mother’s day right after earnings and in the middle of three weeks of travel provides for really good Mother’s day gifts.  Can you say FEELING GUILTY?

Sunday morning the girls and I went to church.  It was my turn for the month to work with a student with ASD. It was not a very cooperative day for this child, but we made it work.

This what you get when you’re trying to self timer a quick pic after the service and the kids are complaining because they just want to go home. weird stream of light.


For mother’s day I wanted to go somewhere in the Seattle area that we had not explored.  I chose Discovery Park. It’s really big.  Mmmm, let’s just say we weren’t really dressed for the weather and a long walk/hike.  Nor did some of us have the right shoes…new white lacy toms in the muddy forest.  There was much moaning and complaining.


We finally made it to the beach where my sensory kid played in the sand and got it all over herself.  She was still digging sand out of the cuffs of her shorts at dinner that evening.




I love that when they only have each other, they still create elaborate imaginative play schemes.


Hot and tired and out of water (we didn’t pack any in the first place), we headed home, freshened up and met my parents for dinner.



And then we all headed back to the house to have a fire in the fire pit.


And I needed a portrait for my photography class. Gracie was a negatory so Annie let me snap one.



Party On

Gracie had a super fun birthday!  Her friends decorated her locker (they do this by leaving little sticky notes all over it–it’s very sweet). After school, most of her bestest friends came to her pottery painting party.  It was fascinating to watch a bunch of 12 year olds socialize. After, we decided this would be her last official invites-themes-go-to-a-place-birthday-party. Sniff, sniff.


After her party, her dad and I surprised her by taking her to dinner and shopping (we didn’t know what to get her this year) and a hotel stay. We wanted to go to a movie too, but we were all too tired to stay awake so late! I should mention this was all without her sister.  I think that was her best gift!


We skedaddled home the next morning to greet family and have a BBQ birthday lunch.  Cousin D stole the show of course. The girls LOVE that little one to pieces.






She is…

She is kind.


She is considerate.


She is thoughtful.


She is loyal.


She is hard on herself.


She is smart.


She is quiet.


She is observant.


She has a great sense of humor.


She is learning to be brave.


She is beautiful.



She is learning to be confident.



She is 12.


We’re lucky she is ours.

gracie12thbirthdayshoot-16Side note: I’m taking 3 photography courses all at once, so I thought it would be a good idea to do a 12th birthday shoot. It lasted all of 30 minutes, right up until the man on the boardwalk said he saw a snake just down the path.  OH, like a little gardner snake?  NO, it was HUGE.  Thanks. Thanks for that sir.

Happy Birthday Gracie!