This Girl

Oh, she has grown so much this year.

She has done things this year that she would have never done before.  I credit Middle School and having to learn to navigate her way through the busy day, multiple teachers, new friends and lots and lots of homework.  She’s really taken me by surprise. She’s also made me really, really proud.

Tonight was her piano recital.  The last one didn’t go so well-that’s putting it lightly.  We decided to set her up for success by picking a beautiful song that was a bit shorter and she just seemed to be able to play well.

She got a little nervous once we got there and she tried to practice on the piano that the performance place provided.  There were tears.  Lots and Lots of tears.  At performance time, she played and made one tiny mistake that I wouldn’t have known she had made if it wasn’t for the look on her face when she did it.  Then, when it was over, there were more tears about her mistake.

After, listening to several others after her (who were more skilled) make mistakes, she looked at me with wide eyes and said “everybody makes mistakes. I am NOT upset anymore”

Yes, Gracie. Yes, they do.  It’s about how they (and you) deal with it and move on.

We stopped at a park on the way and had approximately 10 minutes to fire off some shots before we hopped in the car.






There are life lessons everywhere, aren’t there?

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