Happy Place, Happy Weekend

We escaped to happy place again and the L’s were able to join us.  Cass and Eric were roommates (in the most disgusting rental house in the history of college rental houses) but even before they met, Cass and I went to high school together.  Over the years our families have grown closer and have really enjoyed doing things together.  We have become “festival” buddies, which is one of my highlights every years.  It’s really too much fun.

Friday night we grabbed some pizza at Tower.townhomewlatons-1and after I snapped Annie’s picture he ran up and said MY TURN.townhomewlatons-2and then Miss A wanted a turn too. townhomewlatons-3and then we went to ice cream, of course.townhomewlatons-4 townhomewlatons-5and then I put my camera away for the rest of the weekend.  It was freakishly hot.


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