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6 Months!

I am in the process of organizing photos on my hard drive and editing program…GOOD TIMES!  As well as editing an printing photos for my personal photo project “Project Life.”  I have approximately a year to catch up.  Sad trombone. I saw this little session and thought that this would be a great first one to get me back into blogging.   I seem to have fallen off the cliff on that one.  I blame the remodel.  I feel like I am finally getting organized.  It was a doozy.  But, we sure do love it.

I took photos of this little guy all last year with a newborn session, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year session.  It’s been so much fun to have a darling little model that lives nearby.  I am quite biased I suppose. My daughter has been a mother’s helper to his mom and on a couple occasions I got to supervise while she baby sat him. I have loved watching the bond between them develop.  It warms my heart when we see him and he reaches out for my girl!

The first photo cracks me up.  He will laugh and smile at me but the minute I put the camera up to my face he gets so serious.

Leonel 6 mos-blog-1 Leonel 6 mos-blog-3 Leonel 6 mos-blog-4 Leonel 6 mos-blog-5 Leonel 6 mos-blog-6 Leonel 6 mos-blog-7 Leonel 6 mos-blog-8 Leonel 6 mos-blog-9 Leonel 6 mos-blog-10 Leonel 6 mos-blog-11 Leonel 6 mos-blog-12 Leonel 6 mos-blog-13 Leonel 6 mos-blog-14 Leonel 6 mos-blog-15 Leonel 6 mos-blog-16 Leonel 6 mos-blog-17


He just celebrated his first birthday and we were so happy to be a part of it!!!  Love you so much Little Man!!!