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Sparks Family 2015|Snohomish Family Photographer

Mrs. Sparks was Gracie’s 5th grade teacher a few years back. She is one of our most favorite teachers (we can’t pick just one because we have truly loved EVERY teacher the girls have had thus far-I know, we’ve been super blessed!)

Last Fall, I was given the opportunity to do a family shoot and her little guy and he completely captured my heart.  I wanted to take him home with me! I was thrilled to be able to see him again when I visited their home in August, just after little brother was born. Big brother was so darn proud.  He was ready and waiting with his sweet smile whenever I wanted him to join in!

I just loved being able to capture them in their home!


sparkscollage2sparks collage3


and just before I left.  This…LOVE!







I have some serious work I should be doing right now, but yesterday I had the privilege of doing a photo session with my good friend and colleague (you know, when I worked) who recently had a baby.

OH. MY. GOSH. Is he ever cute.  I swear I had the best time.  Not only did I get to take pictures of this little cutie, but I got to share some really good laughs with a friend who I don’t get to spend much time with! We ended up running out of time because we were too chatty.  I have to go back soon. There are still shots that I want to get. He was so alert, calm and quiet that he wouldn’t fall asleep.  I’m sure it had nothing to do with the belly laughs coming from his mama and I!  He didn’t cry though.  He was perfect.

I was so chatty with his mama and wrapped up in taking pictures that I didn’t really get ample opportunity to stare at him for hours and delight in his cuteness.  So, I’ve been doing that as I go through editing pictures.  I have a serious hankering to go back and actually hold him!

Erin is an absolutely beautiful mama.  She and Leo have taken to parenting like peanut butter takes to jelly.  He’s only two weeks new and those two have been rockstars, getting out and about.  I LOVE that!

DSC_5146-1So there’s a little sneak for you. Stay tuned for more!