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And Then There’s This Girl

She had double duty in music/recital concerts. Last night piano and tonight the spring concert, where she was very excited to play the xylophone during one of the 3rd grade songs.

It was a little blustery.


As you know, this girl makes me laugh.  On the ride home from the piano recital she tells me (out of the blue) that Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell are her favorite actors.   Please know that she’s ONLY seen them in kid movies.  AND…that she can’t wait until she’s 18 so she can watch Anchorman. Oh dear.

Annie hates taking sandwiches in her school lunch.  I’ve always thought it was because she doesn’t like the gluten free bread.  I learned this week that I wasn’t making the right sandwich.  Monday night she had a bite of my grilled sandwich with Applegate turkey, thinly sliced red onion, Just Mayo (eggless mayo), sliced tomato and basil leaves. Turns out THAT’S the sandwich she wants in her lunch.

This girl hates taking showers, so when she came down this morning and told me that she was going to hop in the shower…well, I nearly fell over.  I was bending down to feed the cat. I looked up with such astonishment that she said “MOM, YOUR FACE!!! Yay, Annie finally learns the importance of hygiene.

On the way home from the orthodontist today (gracie got an expander and they told her to talk a lot to help manage the saliva that is produced when you first get an expander), they requested Love Is An Open Door so Gracie could sing along. Gracie was the girl part and as she was singing, Annie heckled her the entire time because Gracie was singing so funny from the expander.  I don’t know where she gets it.

She’s so sad that school is almost out.  She loves her teacher and her friends and she loves to learn.  This girl’s got a gigantic heart and and even bigger funny bone.

Pho Sho

Our Annie has quite the palate.  Some might say she’s picky, but it’s not that she won’t eat a variety of different type of food.  She just likes flavor and really good food.  She has fallen in love with Pho and has declared on several occasions she’d eat it every day if she could.

I’ve been letting her get it so often that the owner now knows us.  She knows that a kids bowl is JUST NOT BIG enough for our girl. If it’s to take to lunch at school, it’s a medium and if we’re taking it home or eating in, a large.






We brought her some for lunch today.  She barely ate it.  A sure sign that she really ISN’T feeling well.

Oh Annie

I miss my old blog.  I think this would be a good story for BSC.  I think I need to start a weekly blog called “annie-isms” or something like that.

With the nicer days a longer light, the girls have been more inclined to be outside with friends on the week days we are home. It’s really very lovely, but it’s really interfering with getting anything done INSIDE the house  i.e., chores and homework.

So I instituted a new daily chart that outlines a week of checklists.  Things they absolutely have to do each day, depending on the day.  Then, I decided any time we have something extra to do, I am leaving them a note.  This takes out the growly “MOOOOOOOM” that I sometimes hear when I nag at them.

They came home to this note on monday:

IMG_5759Once they were both home, I asked them if they’d seen my note.

Annie: “What note? I couldn’t read it. The font was too small.”


The school talent show is tomorrow.  I hate the talent show. I’ve only taken the kids to see it one time.  I get so nervous and sweaty watching all those kids go up there on stage. I don’t want anyone to do poorly. I don’t want anyone to laugh if there’s a mistake.  IT FREAKS ME OUT.  Guess who decided she want to be in it?

Yes. Yes, she did.

And then she decided she didn’t want to be in it.  (me: silently whooping it up)

And then she decided she wanted to be back in it.

And the person organizing the show was kind enough to let her in.  (me: silently swearing under my breath)

The rehearsal was yesterday afternoon.  At 7 am yesterday morning, I hear a MOM, RANDOM QUESTION…DOES SHARPIE COME OFF OF YOUR SKIN?

That’s not ominous at all.  She had written the rhyming words of her little song all over her hand in a nice purple sharpie.


Ok, but next time can I help you.


Thanks Grandma.

This morning was the talent show assembly for the k-2nd graders where Annie got to “perform.” In my typical style, I sweat like a pig through the entire show, worrying about each student. Annie went on near to last.  Her voice cracked in the first verse, but she continued on and she ended up sounding pretty sweet.  It’s a very short (and sad) little old fashioned song about birds. She stood up there and sang it all by herself with no music or anything.

I admire her bravery.


Band Concert No. 2

Well, it’s been a rocky road, but Gracie just had her band concert and the 6th grade performed nicely.  At least I thought they did. Gracie told me that her class rated themselves and decided they didn’t play very well.  Apparently a percussionist was CHEWING GUM.  Not. Professional… I was informed.

It’s been a little rocky because Miss gets a little po’d when she doesn’t get a good grade on a song that she’s practicing on Smart Music.  You know, because she practices it once and gets mad.  Oh these pre teen hormones are KILLING ME. KILLING. ME.

Fortunately she has this friend…


And this friend has this fantastic mom that I can commiserate with.  And someday, we will find time to grab some coffee and chat.  (Jeri, if coffee is code word for wine, I’m totally ok with that).

She finished her Smart Music that is due March 15th.  I’m prepping myself for the next round: tissues, noise canceling headphones and wine.  Lots and Lots of wine. Or Moscow Mules.  Whatever.  Someone get me some copper cups.

(ps how cute are her new glasses?)

Did I tell you the story of the 8th grader who bumped into her so hard that it broke her old glasses?  The 8th grader did not even turn around to check on her. Rude. She cried a teeny bit then carried on.

And in other news…TOMORROW. IS. FRIDAY.

That is all.